Say What You Need to Say

Oh what a day. Walked up the big hill up my street. Started thinking about how I had Sacrificed and played Martyr so many times. I worked with the Akashic records and released myself from the role of Saint. I have played this role many lifetimes.  Suddenly my vision becomes clear and my mind becomes clear. I am now ready to step out the shadows and into the public eye to help humanity heal. Thankful for this beautiful healing method. Free at last. Namaste

The Roar of Suffering


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When you are born in the part of the illusion that deals with human suffering you feel as if there is no way out. You have no real meaning of love. You can’t. And dont understand self love. You are always looking for love in others. You look to give love as an expression of yourself. Hoping they will love you back. The person may or may not be able to receive because of all the hurt they have endured. You have to tell them you love them and let them know it is okay to love themselves. Self love in our world is not taught we have to learn it. Namaste

Mystic Bridget DeBose

You have What You Need


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Sitting here reading my very own posts and feeling inspired.  It seems I had lost something along the way.  What exactly did I lose my determination and willpower.  If I did not get results immediately I would give up quickly.  Can’t believe I feed and read into the negative energy of others.  We must keep the faith and reside in the energy of our passion.  We can’t get to the point of almost having a breakthrough and walking away.  The energy of giving up will forever follow us.

Inspiration as I am finding out does not have to come from others.  It can and will come from within you.  Reading through one post it says I am being earthbound and attaching to earthly things.  It amazed me I needed this at this very moment.  Attaching to results we are not truly aware of can be useless.  We want the Universe to do what it does best.  The Universe brings us success in our endeavors if we let the Universe work it out.  We put in the request and the rest will appear when we are ready to move forward or ready to receive what we have asked for.

Resisting the urge to listen to the opinion of others can be difficult.  We want to be obliging and keep the harmony with everyone around us.  It is not possible to do such a thing.  Some people are built on the fight.  They want to fight every chance they get.  You do not have to be pulled into their world.  Speak your peace and move on.  We all have a right to our opinions as well.  Lately I have been challenged by you are not always right.  Believe me I am laughing as I am writing this.  It is not a matter of always being right.  It is a matter of discussing what makes us different and at the same time allows us to celebrate one another.  I am always right because it is the energy I choose to put out and you can agree with it or not agree with it.  In this state I allow myself to be.

I have what I need and the answer is simple.  I have the peace I need to live in and the joy that was put in my experience to grow.  I have the power of source energy within me even when I forget. Love and Light

Mystic Bridget DeBose

Taking The Battle Out Of The Heart


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What a heck of a weekend. It was a battle with myself. I want to live out my divine plan. Yet I allow many distractions. Often I get caught in other people’s world until they drag me into their vortex. The pattern has stopped as of today. Others issues do not belong to me.

The battle was to find my way around speaking my truth. It was away to find my inner strength and to let go of the “pity party inside of me.” No one or anything has power over us. We are in control of ourselves at all times. What gets in the way is our perception. We need to stay positive when it comes to being focused. Let nothing and I mean absolutely nothing get in your way. In the end know it will work in your favor. Trust in the process.  End the battle by centering yourself within the heart.  Love and Light.

Mystic Bridget DeBose

The Walk of Faith


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Here I was at a friend’s home on New Year’s Eve. I headed to the restroom. The wonderment of my latest healing journey was on my mind. It seemed to be taking so long for this process of integration.  Integration is a releasing to nothingness. All things fall away until you reach the one or the all. The burning desire to just head on the mission of helping others to heal was on my mind day and night.

The Creator who merged with my Spirit informed me – I must heal first. Determination took over and I worked on it day and night. Over a year had passed and I wanted to get back into the game of life. Everything had been on hold. As I entered the restroom, I heard the message  “there is no timeline to be yourself.” My understanding of this message was clear. Self mastery has no deadline. We have many lifetimes to learn Self mastery. In hearing this message I knew I needed to let go and flow with the healing. All life is in divine order. Namaste

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Mystic Bridget DeBose

Mystic Bridget DeBose

The Rite of Passage

Spiritual Growth Represented by the Swan

We call life difficult at times.  What if you viewed the difficult part of life as a point of growing.  What if you knew and accepted the difficulty as a Rite of Passage to ease and grace.  Can you accept it as a reason to never give up, if you knew right around the corner was exactly what you wanted?

Triumph is not something we have to conquer.  Triumph is within our hearts as we merge the heart and the mind.  Once they are working together we can see much more joy within our daily world.  We can disconnect from negativity that comes our way.  We can experience the love many are seeking when we realize the path leads to us.  Love is all that exist and starts to expand when we first apply this divine power to ourselves.  We are divinity and glory in action.  We can never separate the divine glory of the self.  We are miracles made to express humanity towards one another and to bring more of this beauty within the world.

Your individual Rite of Passage began the day you were born.  The Rite of Passage is to remember who you are and to return to yourself.  The illusion was put here for us to experience many aspects of this gorgeous planet.  We cannot miss a day of this beauty by forgetting the powerful beings of love and light we have always been.  Do not judge in any moment what is right and wrong.  Simply let life unfold and enjoy this wild ride of wonderful experiences.  Namaste.

Mystic Bridget DeBose

The Human Factor



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Yesterday was a big eye opener for me.  Lately I have been in transition and spiritually awakening like a lot of people at this time.  We are in the middle of a big shift.  We all thought the shift of 2012 was huge.  The shift in 2012 was the beginning of a kinder planet filled with love and light.  Many of us have undergone different changes at different times.  Some of us have chosen to be here at this time to assist humanity in healing itself.  We have made an ascension based on this very fact and may at times feel we have lost our footings as humans.  We wonder why our lives have changed so quickly when we had a plan.  We did have a plan before we arrived it is called a soul contract that is leading us to our mission.

Personally I have asked about my mission over and over waiting for the day it will arrive and I will do what I came to do.  Then I realized I have been working on my mission in one way or another.  Life evolves in steps until we can take the big leap we want to take.  In our human minds we are thinking somehow we have failed at what we came to do.  We can never fail.  Either we do one of two things: the first is move along without doubting and trust.  The second is to distract ourselves and let the Universe (or whatever you believe in) reroute us back to our original path.

Recently I asked the Creator about missions and what happens when you do not fulfill it.  The Creator stated “you cannot alter your life’s mission.”  We can delay it, but we can never alter what is our divine mission in life.  The Universe is wired to bring us our best and highest good. We have no real need to try to figure life out if we let life unfold and make choices based on what we want to experience.

The human factor gets in the way when we do not practice understanding.  We can get into our ego and think we know more than everyone else. We have to see past our own ego and see what is really happening.  Yes, we are to access our own feelings and see what does and what does not resonate with us.  We have to stay open to a knowing that nothing matters and moving on from different situations does not make you a failure or a victim.

The bright light within you does not have to find an answer to shine.  You simply shine in all you do.  The human factor is what we need to spark growth from within. We are perfect the way we are and can feel greater about how existence as we allow.  Allowing is allowing yourself to be yourself at all times without judgment.  Namaste.

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Channeled Message from the Archangels

You as humans leave your guard up and do not talk to one another.  Communication is important and frees the Spirit.  No matter what is said, it is when you speak your peace that you are freed.  Times may be hard or you may want to say what you have to say.  Say it and move on.  Become one with the joy you are seeking.  Everything you need starts within the heart.

Channeled this quote from the Creator this morning

Love spreads its wings in your heart.  Love causes you to soar.  Fly high to new heights dear one.  Namaste.

Mystic Bridget DeBose

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The Gift of Self Awareness



It is often we find faults within ourselves.  We strive to be perfect without realizing we are perfect.  Self – awareness Jesus once told me is a gift.  Yet as I had this gift given to me and help others use it, it still was a process.  The conditioning I was handed did not allow me to see what was right in front of me.  The yearning was to be a free spirit who loves to help a lot of people.  The conditioning was you need to get a job and be responsible.  The illusion proceeds us in many ways.  The illusion is based on requirements to be a good person.  Nothing absolutely nothing is required of you. We are born innately good and we are born through the most powerful force there is.  We are born through the power of love.  We need nothing to complete us and make us whole.  It is when we learn to release the need for control and approval from others we step back into ourselves.  You can’t go wrong with knowing who you are and practicing love for yourself.  We cannot put others before our desires and dreams.

Many of us put our dreams on the back burner believing our dreams are too big for us to obtain.  Self – awareness allows us to access our feelings on how we are living and how we are connecting with others.  We are to stand in our power and never to let anyone dictate to us how we are to live our lives.  Each day we can choose not to answer to what is viewed as right and wrong.  We can choose to love ourselves and explore what the world has to offer us.

In this place of self-awareness we have chosen for ourselves to end the battle of self doubt. We can no longer use excuses of what is keeping us from being who we truly are.  As we know we are more than enough.  We are divinity and in this divinity we came with all we need and all we will ever need.  Non attachment is a hard space for many to jump into.  Needing no person, place of thing sounds strange.  Yet is a transcendental truth on how to live as an enlightened being. Non attachment is about living as the witness to life around you and not seeing life through struggle or suffering. Nor can we see life through Rose colored glasses.

The greatest gift we can give ourselves in a place of self-awareness is to know no matter what we go through and how we feel about the situations in our lives – All Is In Divine Order and Divine Design.  Namaste

Love and Light,

Mystic Bridget DeBose

Uplifting the Spirit Group Healing Session via Webinar


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Mystic Bridget DeBose

Mystic Bridget DeBose

Uplifting the Spirit Group Healing Session

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