Energy Clearing and Healing Sessions

Bridget DeBose provides Energy Clearing and Healing Sessions that include intuitive coaching with your life’s path.  We discover what energetic blocks need to be remove as we discover actually what is going on in your life.  Want to set up one of these unique sessions?  Contact me at or by phone at 401-340-5928.  You can have a session anywhere around the world.  Namaste.

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The World Does Not Revolve Around You – Celebrate the Oneness

Hello Community of Love and Light,

I decided to write a few notes on my thoughts today.  I started thinking about the days I felt sorry for myself over and over.  Then I realized the world did not revolve around me.  It revolves around the oneness and our divine connection of experiencing life.  Life is too short I was reminded of this morning to let it slip by.  Look at all the beauty in our surroundings.  We can choose to look at the illusions of the world as a definition of the self or we can release them out of our lives and live to our fullest potential.  We have many opportunities to make changes when we believe in ourselves.  Here is a start – I believe in you because you are divinity in action and you are a powerful god.  Do not let anything get in the way of the  sunny days before you.  You are a breath of sunshine through the eyes of the creator.  You have no time to doubt yourself.  Look at life as wanting to serve you and bring you the experiences you are requesting.  If you think of life in this manner, then why would you not want to jump up and shout “I am ready.”   

Many Blessings
Bridget DeBose – Spiritual Teacher and Intuitive Healer  -  Founder of Living as

You are Powerful – You are a Miracle – You are Beautiful

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Intuitive Coaching and Intuitive Healing Sessions

If you are interested in an intuitive coaching session with intuitive healing to remove energetic blocks so you can move ahead in life.  Please feel out the contact form below and I will email you with info or you can contact me at 401-340-5928.  Thank you Bridget DeBose – founder of Living as Divinity  – Medium and Intuitive Healer

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Leaving the Victim Mentality Behind

Graveyard Angel

There are no victims in life. Life is about what we choose. Sit with yourself each and everyday and let the self flow. You will find a vast treasure of wisdom waiting for you. The victim mentality keeps us down and makes us think we are weak. We are powerful Gods because the divine presence reins in each and everyone of us. Let your light shine and know whatever comes your way you will rise above it with grace and ease. Namaste.

Written by Bridget DeBose – Medium and Intuitive Healer – Founder of Living as Divinity

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The Finding of Self Love


Finding self love is the answer and the solution to all you do. See yourself as the divine sees you. You are a beautiful creation made with gentle love and care. You were given the best ingredients that make you, you. You are an original and their was only one mold with your perfect design. You hold the key for many as you shine your light and help make the world a better place. You and only you can hold a space of peace for us all. Yes, we must work together on this beautiful mission, but it all begins with each one of us as individuals. Love yourself, accept yourself, find yourself worthy of receiving and giving. You are a beacon of light. Namaste.

Written by Bridget DeBose – Medium and Intuitive Healer – founder of Living as Divinity

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The Love of Being InSpirit!

We can never know whose heart we will touch at any moment. As I write the story of Spirit I remembered one of the women Spirit wanted to have a message. I was channeling Spirit and spreading the word of how much we are loved each and every day with a friend. My heart was filled with joy as I spoke each and everyone of the words. My love of Spirit makes me powerful in the way I live life. Living inSpirit is not for the faint hearted. It is intense and you have to be strong in your faith. You have to be strong even when you want to give up. You can’t give up because you simply have to acknowledge Spirit with the love in your heart. It is a chosen path filled with love and care. You can’t hold onto the illusion of the material world. As the message ended, I looked over to another table two spaces down. The woman was crying and I looked over with a surprise. She said she needed the message today because she had forgotten she was loved. I had no clue the message would be so profound to another as I spoke about my love of Spirit. We are loved each and every day. Simply connect through your heart and remember who you are. You are love. Love is all that exists. Namaste.

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Becoming the Multidimensional Self


The multidimensional self is connecting to the vast Universe.  It brings us to places of being limitless.  We conquer the need to multitask and get to a place of knowing we are infinite.   We should always allow ourselves to flow naturally.  When we can evolve and see ourselves as infinite beings we have crossed into being multidimensional.  Our bodies are small and our spirits are infinite. 


You may ask what makes our Spirits infinite.  Our Conscious awareness does not rest within the physical body.  Our conscious awareness rests outside the body and has the infinite connection to the Universe.  We do not have to wait for the answers to come to us when we learn to tap into the multidimensional self.  The process of life starts to flow with ease and grace.  The dreams you desire become a physical reality because the powerful you has accessed the infinite intelligence within the Universe.  You are limitless and flawless in your execution of life.  You still may make some mistakes, but you then move on with ease and grace quickly to obtain those dreams you set in motion.


The process of becoming multidimensional starts with letting go and the need to not control all of life circumstances.  You can get to the point of realizing the Universe is working for your best and highest good in every area of your life.  The letting go of control is hard for most humans.  We as humans want to steer the ship of life where we want it to go.  We only have a small perspective and view of life from the earthly plane.  The act of reaching our full potential involves having the knowledge of higher reasoning and rising above the life situation that is holding us back.  The Universe or the God of your understanding has exactly this perspective that is needed to help you move forward along your chosen path.  You are free to focus on what brings you joy and brings creativity within your life.  You do not have to struggle and strain to live a great life.  You know you are a free willed being by the limitlessness you have connected with in the Universe. You go from the three dimensional self where you need to survive to the multidimensional self where you allow yourself to thrive. 


The multidimensional self is an ascension process.  Our ascension involves the feeding of the mind, body and Spirit.  We have to develop Spiritual practices and live as Spiritual beings having a human experience to get to this point.  The multidimensional self can take years to become, but each and every one of us can get there.  We have to be willing to do the spiritual work.  We have to develop the practice of meditation that resonates with our Spirit.  We have to find teachers at different stages of our evolution who show us our individual truths.  The teacher will show up as the saying goes when the student is ready. We must remain open to what the Universe brings to each one of us.  The Spiritual Work sets up a strong foundation for what is in front of you.  You learn to discern or another term is you learn what resonates with you. The empowerment process begins with you when you obtain self awareness through meditation and self exploration.  The multidimensional self grows the more you become your true authentic self.  Remember each and everyday to let the self flow.  Namaste.

Written by Bridget DeBose – Intuitive Coach and Healer

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The Mission of Spirit Goes On!


Well hello to everyone and much love to you.  Last year was an interesting year.  I went energetically from doing Mediumship only and thinking I was on my way to national television.  Spirit had a different plan and it was in the scope of what we started together over ten years ago.  I started working with my natural healing abilities.  The many gifts I have I consider a blessing as they were unlocked from within by God.  The prayer I said many years ago is coming more and more into existence.  Now, I have started the second stage of the mission, which is to heal as many people as possible.  As we heal as many people as possible we will access the divine presence within each and every one of us.  World peace is right around the corner when we change our energetic impression upon the earth to one of calmness and inner peace.  We have nothing to achieve accept letting the divine presence flow through us to feel love.  You are love and love is all that exists.  Look inward each day and connect to the powerful you.  Looking forward to working with many of you.  You can email me at  Namaste.

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All Has Been Given





What do you need, I give it freely to you in this moment.  If you feel unloved, I give you love. If you feel unworthy, I give you worthiness. You were worthy in the divine’s eyes before you came to the earth.  If it is abundance and prosperity you are seeking, you have it.  Abundance and Prosperity are our divine rights.  Lift yourself from the conditioning of man.  The illusion is merely an illusion.  Many of us have forgotten we are royalty and must remember who we are.  The eternal you is infinite and all knowing.  Namaste.

By Bridget DeBose Medium and Intuitive Healer.  Founder of

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The Greatness of Healing


Healing is when we move on from the issue. Healing is leaving the past in the past and not dragging it with you to examine over and over. The incredible you is healed, whole, healthy and complete. Never give into your fears. Look at what is right in front of you. The presence of your divine glory. Live in the moment to live. Let go of the past to soar. You are royalty for you are one with the divine. Namaste

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